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Greetings from the Flowtoys crew! Many people think we're a lot bigger than we are. We're a small ship of about a dozen peops - sometimes we call ourselves elves, coz we make toys; sometimes we're jedi, coz the force is strong with us and we like playing with magical illuminated things that do good for humanity.

We're dedicated to furthering the flow and object manipulation arts, and the positive and life-changing effect they have on the world. Our origin story is online at, but basically flowtoys started coz Sean wanted to make LED props for himself, his friends and community.

Since then, we've produced the world's first rechargeable LED glowstick, innovated the levitation wand dance, and make the world's favorite glow poi, batons, juggling clubs, and LED martial arts props. Our props have been in Cirque du Soleil, Disney, Beyonce's tour and have helped movement artists win National Talent shows. While it's great to see our creations performed on glorious stages, our hearts are in providing inspiring toys that encourage people to play and practice everyday. To help people benefit from the life lessons in learning and improving daily, and to have fun and make beauty while learning.

We've helped grow the flow arts community worldwide through our quality designs, amazing customer care, and community service. We were some of the early organizers of Firedrums, and helped start Fund the Flow Arts, a non-profit that funds flow arts programs like the Flow Show. We've built out a sweet flowspace and were hosting weekly jams, workshops and retreats like Club Congress, Staff Senate, and Poi Parliament until the lockdown.

We're guided by a set of design, production and operating principles that center on sustainability and constant improvement. Our designs balance how good a prop feels with their aesthetics and durability. We spent the last few years laying the foundation for flowOS - our operating system - and are working on a bunch of exciting new developments now to enable people to have more control of the their props. Keep a lookout for the public beta releases of the bridge and creators systems!

We love you, and wish we could all be playing at Flashepoint in person.


Ninja Pyrate

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Ninja Pyrate: “The Evolution of Revolution”

We specialize in durable, high performance fire and glow props for object manipulation, spinning, and juggling. We are continuously trying to grow and improve, both in relation to our products and our community. Thanks for playing!


Paw Print Props

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We are a prop company from Ohio bringing you highly innovative and completely modular props that you can tailor to your liking. Our mission is to provide our customers with props of the highest quality that allow you to get more for your dollar with our modular system.


Spiral Roots Sanctuary

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~Appalachian Herbalist meets Native Plant Grower~

Ashé and Tony met in September of 2016 and immediately bonded over their love of plants, permaculture, and sustainable living. Not long after, they began their visioning process for a life mission to reconnect humans to the Earth together. Combining Ashé’s background in herbalism and Tony’s background in cultivation, they began planting seeds, literally and metaphorically, and thus began the birth of Spiral Roots Sanctuary.

We started this business by selling native + medicinal plants, vegetable starts, & herbal products at farmers markets (and flea markets!) in Southern Appalachia. Wanting to reach a wider audience, we began going to three day festivals and setting up a traveling tea lounge where we set up our booth of plant friends and medicinals to share with those we meet, along with a traveling apothecary for making personalized tea blends on the spot, fresh roasted coffee (we roast our own!), and other delicious herbal concoctions to drink! This is often where you can find us when the weather is warm, giving plant talks & walks to all who want to join in on the conversation.

One of our biggest missions at Spiral Roots Sanctuary is to remind people that taking our health into our own hands is as easy as stepping into our back yards or into the forest. Our plants are 100% naturally grown using only what the Earth provides, and our herbal products use 100% sustainably harvested and grown herbs, flowers, and roots, never with any chemicals. We believe in providing the highest and purest quality goods for the health of mind, body, soul, and soil.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ashé & Tony

~Spiral Roots Sanctuary~


Touch the Earth

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Touch the Earth is your friendly local purveyor of natural-fiber performance wear, amazing silver jewelry, handmade housewares, and (of course) charity fish hats!